Eaton Square II
Dublin, IE / Renovation & Extension / Built
190m2 & 20m2
L. Jones, C. Antipas
J. Turner, L. Benoit, T. Connors

photography © Shane Lynam

The brief was to carry out extensive refurbishment works to an Edwardian house and to add a new room to the rear, enlarging the scullery.
The renovation examined the house to maintain and continue original fabric and details.
The extension is an autonomous object placed in the back garden sheltering a loosely defined area.
A solid roof plane focused on an off-   centre column defines the space.
The structure overhead is emphasized   suggesting different zones and relationships.
The edges of the room are defined by the adjacent interior and exterior rooms it relates to.
A glazing line transects the roof to push part of the space outside.

Bottom Pic 1