Lucan, IE / New Build / On Going
L. Jones, C. Antipas
D. Kelly, H. Crehan

Structural Engineer: Brunner Consulting Engineers

Landscape Architect: Digby Brady

This project is a housing development on the outskirts of Dublin city.
It is located near the old town centre of Lucan and is enveloped in suburban housing development.
This is an archetypical Irish urban condition.

The site itself is on a narrow strip of land at the tail end of a terrace of houses which are classed as an architectural conservation area.
It sits between the river and a busy road facing an industrial yard.

The client wished to construct a small development of 3 bedroom family homes.
The combined challanges of statutory requirements, client brief and site conditions led to a design process which found space and opportunities within the constraints. This is a similar method to that used in our projects Urban Villa and Brick House.

We organised the site into parallel bands running in line with the river and the road.
Each band has a different function and materiality corresponding to program requirements.
Internally the houses are organised around a central functional core containing vertical circulation, bathrooms, storage and services with multifunctional space on either side.
Externally the facades change in each direction they faces to respond to the different contexts.

Painting: Thomas Roberts, Lucan House and Demense, c. 1770


Site plan